Brony Herd Census
State of the Herd Report

Another Look at Comparitive Educational Attainment

The educational comparison against the US Census data in the report really isn't apples to apples (or even apples to zap apples), because the 18 and old US demographic includes a lot more people older than 30, who would have more degrees. I redid the comparison, but this time comparing 18-30 (which both the brony and US census break out.) Looking just at 18-30, bronies lead the US average in all demographics past high school, except for a tie in PhDs.

Things aren't quite so good if you just consider US Bronies, there are more in college (or who never completed college), less graduates, but still more bronies with a batchelors's degree than the average. I'm wondering if graduate degrees tend to be awarded earlier elsewhere in the world (especially in the UK and Australia.)

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